Family Flock Layer Ration Organic 40lb


A premium crumblized poultry feed formulated to create nutrient rich eggs for you and your family.

Guaranteed Analysis:


Crude Protein (min.)                                       17.00%
Crude Fat (min.)                                               5.50%
Lysine (min.)                                                    0.87%
Methionine (min.)                                            0.40%
Crude Fiber (max.)                                           5.00%

Calcium (Ca) (min.)           3.9%         (max.)    4.40%

Phosphorus (P) (min.)                                       0.53%
Available Phosphorus (min.)                            0.42%

Salt (NaCl) (min.)             0.25%         (max.)   0.75%


Family Flock Feeding Chart


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