Healthy animals mean healthy people. Providing your livestock with the nutrients they need remains vital to ensure proper health, growth and breeding. Many farmers trust organic feed as the best option for their animals, based as the numerous benefits they offer.

More and more farmers are using organic feed in order to raise healthy and strong livestock. Organic livestock feed provides animals with necessary nutrients without all the harmful chemicals, hormones and fillers commonly found in non-organic feed.

To stay healthy, livestock require nutrients such as amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids and vitamins — combined with a good balance of proteins, energy and vitamins — in their daily diet. While this holds true for most animals, each individual animal may require different dietary needs. Typically, organic livestock feed can be adjusted to fit the specific nutritional needs of some animals.

Here are five reasons why organic livestock feed is better:

  • Healthy animals produce healthy meat. Animals fed with certified organic feed grow up to be healthy and strong. With a well balanced and chemical free diet the animals produce better quality lean meat that lacks the unhealthy fats industrial animals carry.
  • No additives. Organic feed contains no additives including no preservatives, flavourings or colourings. Although these chemicals keep food fresher for a longer time, the long-term effects of consuming them can cause damage to your health. Organic fed livestock ensures that there are no harmful chemicals used.
  • No GMOs. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are often used to fight issues such as disease, pests or poor weather conditions. GMOs have become a concern because of unknown health effects and possibilities for contamination. GMOs are not used in certified organic feed, leaving you and your food healthy to consume.
  • No chemical pesticides. Chemical pesticides are used to kill insects and bacteria that feed on produce. This process leaves a chemical residue on the food, which is then transferred into our bodies. These chemicals are dangerous to our health. Organic farms only use natural methods of pest control.
  • Environmental friendly. Non-organic farming contaminates water sources, surrounding habitats and soil. The machinery used in non-organic farming also releases large amounts of CO2 into the environment. Organic farms use natural and chemical free ways to harvest their livestock, not only creating a healthier product for you but also for the environment.\

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