Pigs are some of the most sought-after animals in today’s world, whether it’s for farming purposes or a simple desire a different type of cuddly pet. For whatever reason, it is important to know how to provide them with the best care possible. Continue reading for tips on how to keep your beloved pigs happy and healthy.

The first step to making sure that your pigs stay happy and healthy is their housing. Pigs are generally kept outside in a fenced in area big enough so they get a good amount of exercise. A three sided shelter should also be included in their housing space to provide shade and protection from the sun. Pigs do not sweat and their skin burns easily so it is essential that they have a shaded area to retreat to. It is also recommended to add a water hole or a mud wallow for the pigs to cool off in.

One of the most important factors to keeping your pigs happy and healthy is their diet. What kind of food you feed your pig can ultimately have great effects on them. Often owners feed their pigs garden scraps along with a regular pig feed. It is essential that their feed consists of vitamins and nutrients but no antibiotics. Organic feed is very popular because it supplies pigs with all of the necessary nutrients without the antibiotics or hormones. Supplying your pigs with certified organic feed ensures that they grow and remain healthy. For more information on certified organic feed and how it can benefit your pigs, please contact Wolcottville Organic Livestock Feed.

Finally, owners often forget about a pigs necessary water supply. Pigs need access to a constant water supply throughout the day and night. This water supply should be freshened every morning. It is also important to your pigs visit a local veterinarian to check for potential diseases or other health risks and to have them vaccinated.

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