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WOLF Co-op is an outlet for marketing the farmer’s healthy grain. We are a dual-certified mill that accepts organic and non-gmo grains directly from the farm.

We offer testing on-site and work together with organic certifiers, vendors, and farmers to ensure everything meets a high-quality standard. Offering delivery & pick-ups and grain-drying.

As these standards are met, it allows us to provide the best quality grain, food, and services to the local community.

We use those high-quality, organic & non-gmo grains to blend a well-balanced, nutritious,complete feed for the animals. We offer many types of feed, including Horse, Calf, Steer, Poultry, Swine, Goat,
Sheep, and more.

We work with different nutritionists to create nutrient-rich diets, specific to the farmer’s needs. The feed can be made in bulk or bags, with pick-up and delivery options available.