Grain Prices

Soybean Rate & Discount Schedule

Corn Rate & Discount Schedule

Current Grain Pricing Per Bushel

Organic Corn = $9.00

Organic Soybeans = $18.00

Organic Oats = $5.00

Organic Barley = $8.00

2018 Crop Floating Contract

All prices quoted off of the USDA report.  We stay on the high end of the market in favor of the farmer.

Organic Corn = $9.00 - $12.00

Organic Soybeans = $18.00 - $20.00

Weekly Store Special

Crystal Creek Monthly Special

Poultry Feeds

Poultry Feeds

High quality organic poultry feed. Whether it's chick starter, grower or layer feed for your chickens or turkeys, don't settle for an inferior product for your poultry.

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Poultry Pro® Mineral Plus

A professional grade nutrition program will assist you in producing safe and flavorful meat and eggs that are rich in nutrition.

Call for Price: 260-854-9943

Family Flock® Organic Chick Starter, Grower

A premium crumblized feed containing elevated vitamin and selenium levels to support the rapid muscle and bone development of chicks.

Call for Price: 260-854-9943

Family Flock® Organic Layer

A premium crumblized poultry feed formulated to create nutrient rich eggs for you and your family.

Call for Price: 260-854-9943

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Our Vision . . .

The vision of your WOLF cooperative is to secure, for our future generations, the availability and price stability of high-quality organic livestock feed and supplies for the community.